Prep for Your Real Estate Exam

Exam Prep Master is designed to help you pass your real estate exam on your first try - or you don't pay. Our exam prep courses offer convenient study guides, practice exams, courses and more. Don't worry - we've got you covered.

Purchase Exam Prep Master in a course or on its own

What is Real Estate Exam Prep Master?

Exam Prep Master is a test prep solution designed to help you pass your real estate exam on your first try.

Why use Real Estate Exam Prep Master?

Real Estate Exam Prep - Why

The secret to passing your real estate exam is understanding what you need to know on exam day.

While your pre-licensing course covers knowledge your state requires, the exam questions will be more extensive. Exam prep helps you prepare for the concepts not covered in your pre-licensing courses.


What's included in Exam Prep Master

Real Estate Exam Prep - Pencil

The program includes insights on state and national real estate exams. You'll gain access to study guides, practice exams, courses and more. .


Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee

Real Estate Exam Prep - Pass Don't Pay Ribbon

We're serious about helping you pass your exam. If you don't pass your exam after completing the Exam Prep Master program, we'll refund your money.

Simply send us your state's failure notie within 30 days of receiving it and we'll issue a refund.


实践 with three learning formats

Everyone learns differently. That's why Exam Prep Master lets you practice in three ways.


Questions are delivered one at a time and the answers are graded instantaneously. Our exclusive Coaches' Commentary follows each answer, providing you with additional guidance.


The pace of the exam increases. It's ideal if you've already gone through the practice exams or if you have sufficient mastery of the material. Perfect for those who wish to speed up their pace in taking the exam.


Designed to replicate the exam taking experience. You don't see your grade results until you complete the exam. And Coaches Commentary is turned off.

Here's how our guarantee works

1. 实践

From the time of purchase, you have 180 days to take the Progress and Final practice exams, as many times as you like, until you achieve a minimum grade of 80% on each of them.

2. 需要考试

Sit for your state's licensing exam within 30 days of completing all practice exams provided.

3. Get your exam results

The testing provider will notify you of your exam results.

4. Celebrate (or get your money back)

We're confident you will pass, but if you do NOT pass your exam, simply send us your state's failure notice. We will refund your purchase price. 就是这样.*

*不幸的是, the states of 佛罗里达, 新泽西, and 田纳西州 do NOT permit guarantees to passing the state real estate license exam. You may still purchase Exam Prep, 然而 we cannot offer or honor the Pass or Don't Pay guarantee.

Get Real Estate Exam Prep Master

Your Exam Prep Master program can be purchased as part of a real estate license package or as an individual program.


Purchase Exam Prep Master as part of your pre-licensing package. Your package will include everything you need to get licensed as a real estate agent.


Two ways to enroll

Purchase Exam Prep Master as a course package (left) or as a single product (right).

Purchase on its own

You can purchase Exam Prep Master as an individual program. It's a great tool to help you pass your state's real estate exam on the first try.

Real Estate Exam Prep - Time Allow

How much time to allow:

We recommend at least a week. 一些客户, 然而, report they started the program just three days prior to taking their state exam and still passed.